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The Most Haunted Places in Texas that You Can Actually Visit

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Be careful what you wish for...

Filming our YouTube program, "The Paranormal Files", has brought us to many places in Texas labeled as being "haunted". While many times we end up leaving our locations with almost no recorded evidence, there are times when we leave a location feeling absolutely shook. There are definitely some buildings scattered across Texas that really do contain a strong, mysterious energy, buildings in which we have recorded evidence of paranormal activity.


The Old Yoakum Community Hospital

Originally constructed in 1922 as the Huth Community Hospital, what is now referred to as the "Old Yoakum Community Hospital" was built as a modern hospital meant to serve the rural communities of Yoakum, Hallettsville and Victoria back in the early 1920's. In 1933, the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament of Victoria bought the hospital. The nuns occupied the building for many years, ensuring that everyone received equal treatment in the building and that no one died without a final prayer. It seems like their prayers for a new hospital were answered when in 1997, the Old

Our drone captured the Old Yoakum Community Hospital from above.

Yoakum Community Hospital hospital closed and the building was shuttered as the town constructed a new, more modern facility in town.

Hospitals have a certain kind of strange and powerful energy straight off the bat because of all of the death and pain that stain the walls. Not only do people die and leave this planet in some of the rooms in these buildings, but people also undergo painful medical procedures, sit and wait for help in the ER que while they writhe in pain and sit in distress after hearing the bad news about a loved one. The Old Yoakum Community Hospital is definitely filled with this energy.

The hospital is rumored to be haunted by a number of distinguishable entities. There's Father Kraum, a kind priest who said Mass at the hospital (despite his diagnosis with

A hallway in the hospital.

polio), whose wheelchair is still kept in the Chapel. Then there are the patients that are seen walking throughout the halls, yelling for "Help" and grabbing those who dare search for them.

Interestingly enough, we were able to confirm that the backstory of one of the spirits that people report seeing frequently, a young nurse who was supposedly shot in the hospital by an ex-lover in the 1990's, is true. When we investigated the Lavaca County Jail (which is further down on this list), the building managers actually showed us the exact cell in the jail where the nurse's killer was imprisoned and hung himself. Crazy.

When we were in the building, we had a number of crazy things happen to us. Electronic disturbances, phantom voices, furniture moving on its own and Payton even at one point began to complain of an iron-like taste in her mouth, which turned out to be blood. The building is HUGE, with multiple floors, a creepy basement and a roof top. It's not very expensive to rent for the night, and I would highly recommend an investigation in the building because of its scope, activity levels and creep factor.

LINK TO VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxCa0ov7VwY&t=5042s


(Georgetown, TX)

The Georgetown Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center

Normally I don't like giving out locations to some of our filming spots, but this one is absolutely crazy to check out if you're ever in the area and is one of the most paranormally-active buildings that I've ever stepped foot in. Here's the real street address: 903 Riverhaven Dr, Georgetown, TX, 78626.

This nursing home in Georgetown, TX, around 30 minutes north of Austin, closed its doors a few years ago, and has been sitting, decaying ever since. It was shocking when I did a little research into this building and found out how despicable the people running

Hallway of the nursing home with a bed.

the care center were. If you do a simple search of the building's name, you can find tons of health reports made about the nursing home, reports which are filled with complaints about elderly patients being abused (physically), staff members mishandling the money and possessions of dead residents and just a lot of nasty shit.

The front doors to this building are wide open, and the inside is straight out of "The Walking Dead". Busted out doors and windows, power still running in some of the rooms, blood-like substances sprayed on curtains and eerie messages written in graffiti.

When I explored the building with my buddy the Keeper of the Second, we experienced a number of extreme paranormal events, including both of us going into a violent coughing jag, various knocks and taps throughout the desolate building and at the end

A creepy hallway complete with satanic graffiti.

of our exploration, an eerie human voice. No lie, we both heard a woman almost singing to us from one of the empty hallways, going "Yoo Hoo", almost as if attempting to get our attention.

It's no wonder that this building is filled with so much activity. Nursing homes are the new age insane asylums in my mind, very unregulated, and filled with a lot of bad activity that society really either doesn't know about or doesn't want to acknowledge.


LINK TO VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPsQRyI0TVA&t=999s

#3: OLDE PARK HOTEL (Ballinger, TX)

The Olde Park Hotel, in Ballinger, Texas is a very interesting place. Not only does it come with a loaded history filled with supposed murder, suicide, prostitution and torture, but it also is claimed to have ties to two of the most famous criminals of all time- Bonnie & Clyde.

Built in the late 1800's as a bunkhouse for railroad workers, the Olde Park Hotel was used for many different businesses over the years, from a schoolhouse to a parlor and eventually a hotel, and has seen many souls pass through its halls. Don't be fooled- the building is MASSIVE, boasting 43 rooms and taking up over 10,000 square feet. It's easy to get lost in the building, especially in the back where it remains largely unrenovated and unfinished.

An estimated thirty different ghosts are said to occupy the building, including "Glen", "the Cowboy" and many different women who worked in the building during its brothel days. Footsteps, phantom voices and noises, light anomalies, physical contact and other intense forms of paranormal communication are frequently reported in the hotel.

One of the guest rooms.

The scariest entity in the building has no name, and is known to frequent the unfinished back areas where his "torture chamber" used to lie. A woman was found dead, hanging from a noose back in those empty rooms as well, and while many believe her death to have been a suicide, owner Dan LaFavre believes it to have been a murder at the hands of the owner, whose spirit he believes to be the unnamed evil entity.

When we were there at the hotel, we had a crazy number of bizarre paranormal experiences, which culminated in both Payton and I exploding at each other in an angry fit and having to ultimately call off the investigation early. The hotel is in great shape, and I HIGHLY recommend you to check it out and book it for a night if you're looking for an intense paranormal investigation.

LINK TO THE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS6DUgQP3f0&t=48s


A building and some chimneys on the Fort Phantom Hill property.

One of my favorite locations that we have filmed our show at, Fort Phantom Hill outside of Abilene, Texas is a must-visit for fans of the paranormal.

Established in 1851 and completely abandoned in 1854, Fort Phantom Hill served as a barren outpost for the federal government's army and a fortress dedicated to protecting settlers as they expanded their settlements West on the North American continent.

Fort Phantom Hill has been surrounded with misery and mystery since its establishment. As it was located far from any other city or established post, supplies were hard to come by, and the fort lacked basic necessities at times like water, medical

Eerie chimneys from where the old hospital used to lie.

supplies and even food. Many soldiers starved while they were stationed at the fort, and many others were stricken with terrible diseases to which they had no cure at the time.

The fort apparently got its name from an incident where a soldier stationed at the post fired on what he described as an "Indian soldier" standing on a hill. However, when he went to check out what he had just shot at, he discovered that no one was there. His comrades assured him that he had probably just seen a ghost, and from that incident the name "Fort Phantom Hill" supposedly grew.

People report hearing the sounds of troopers marching along the roads next to the hill, seeing shadow figures throughout the abandoned buildings on the property, hearing screaming and gunfire and glowing light anomalies have also been reported. The place is crazy active, let me tell you.

When we were at the fort filming, the caretaker told us of two hidden cemeteries that he knows exist somewhere lost in the woods around the fortress. He referred us to some

Cute sign! Lol. I want this in my house!

historical documents and accounts where early settlers and archaeologists found gravestones and grave plots, but told us that no one was ever able to locate exactly where the graves lie now. They seem to be lost to time, and the mystery continues.

To investigate this property, just make a call to the Fort Phantom Hill Historical Society. They were extremely nice and welcoming when we came up to film, and I'm sure that they will be too when you give them a ring.

LINK TO THE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jowvuqkMg4o&t=138s

#5: DEAD MAN'S HOLE (Marble Falls, TX)

The Dead Man's Hole.

This one is awesome because it requires no call-ahead, no reservations, nothing. You just have to get in your car, gather your courage and head on out.

The Dead Man's Hole, as it has come to be called, is a sinkhole discovered in 1821 by an entomologist. He had no idea at the time that what he had just stumbled upon would eventually become a mass grave.

During the Civil War, tensions were high in Texas, and groups of rogue Confederate

vigilantes were on the hunt for Union sympathizers. There was no sympathy given for anyone who dared to speak a single word in support of the Union, and more often than not, if you spoke up or espoused a single view in support of the Union, you would find yourself dead and thrown into the Dead Man's Hole within the day.

It is believe that up to 17 bodies were recovered from the bottom of Dead Man's Hole when the government finally decided to take action and give the dead proper burial. Strangely, the bones disappeared from the Burnet County Courthouse before they were able to be re-buried, and were never found again.

Dead Man's Hole is said to be filled with an extremely heavy and extremely active energy. People frequently report hearing phantom voices from down in the hole, feeling an eerie presence with them as they take in the sight of the sinkhole and experiencing extreme cold chills throughout their bodies.

I filmed at the hole with my family about a year ago, and we captured some crazy EMF

The Hole.

signals being radiated from the hole, along with some odd voices on our spirit box and electronic disturbances on the devices that we were using.



#6: LAVACA COUNTY JAIL (Hallettsville, TX)

The Old Lavaca County Jail.

For the final entry on this list, I have a location that we have recorded an episode at but haven't announced or released the episode yet.

The Lavaca County Jail, in Hallettsville, Texas (only a short drive from Yoakum), is filled with crazy stories and crazy activity.

Dozens of prisoners have been lynched by lynch mobs inside of this old jail, many others have committed suicide, and there have even been funerals inside of the old building in the back portion where the Sheriff used to live with his family. One of the sheriff's who lived in the building at one point was actually murdered while out on patrol, and another sheriff's daughter died of disease while she was living in the back part of the building. Both of their funerals were held in the jail.

One of the cells in the upstairs of the jail.

Built in 1885 and in use up until 2005, the jail is almost primitive in its bizarre construction and thick metal cells. You have to see this for yourself.

The place has seen thousands of faces and stories pass through its walls, and lots of that energy has been trapped in the building. Paranormal investigators have reported hearing voices, hearing and seeing cell doors slam shut, felt the touch of the old inmates and have even captured photo/video evidence of apparitions walking in the hallways of the old jail.

While we were filming at the jail, we conducted a few experiments, which included dressing up like inmates and handcuffing ourselves to cell walls and dressing up as Sheriffs and attempting to trigger activity. That episode is UNBELIEVABLY intense, and I'm sure you guys are going to love it when we finally release it.

To rent out the jail for the night, just check out their Facebook page. It's a very simple process to rent, and the owners/operators are UNBELIEVABLY nice. Some of the best people we've come across in all of our investigations.


Anyways, thank you so much for reading this entry with me! Welcome to the blog! Much more of this coming in the near future. Remember, be safe, don't trespass, always think of others and at the endow the day, STAY SPOOKY!!


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