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Some Of The Craziest Evidence We Have Captured On Our Paranormal Investigations

Hey! Welcome. This is the official website of The Paranormal Files (Official Channel), YouTube's most authentic paranormal investigation channel. We post two videos a week which follow my girlfriend Payton, our friend Nick and I as we investigate claims of paranormal activity across the globe.

Obviously, we've seen plenty of things we can't explain while conducting our investigations. Although we have no solid explanation for what this energy that we contact is or what it wants, there is definitely something out there, and we can say this for a fact based upon our own personal experiences.

For this post, I'm going to list off a few of the craziest pieces of evidence that we have ever captured on camera for our show. If you're a fan of our channel, you probably will remember most of these moments. If you haven't watched a single episode and are joining us for the first time, welcome to the family, and enjoy your new YouTube addiction.

#1. We capture a spirits voice saying "LET ME DIE" in Salem, Massachusetts.

The Salem Witch trials were some of the most infamous executions in American history. Everyone knows the story of the "witches" who were wrongfully convicted and hung back in the colony of Salem, Massachusetts in the 1600's. However, what many don't know is that the actual rock where the hangings took place wasn't located until 2016. It's behind a Walgreens, and has now been converted to a small park & memorial bearing the name "Proctor's Ledge".

When we visited the hanging rock back in the Summer of 2018, I headed up alone to the actual rock at the back of the park in the woods alone with a camera to ask the energy that lingers at the site a couple of questions, not expecting to capture anything. However, upon reviewing the footage at home while editing the episode, I discovered something both amazing and shocking- a phantom voice that I captured on our camera's on-board microphone which speaks clearly and states "LET ME DIE".

The voice is chilling. I've listened to it over and over and over, but I still have no explanation for it besides labeling it as some sort of contact from the other side. Have a listen at the link below. (The voice is captured at around 15:03 in the video)

#2. We capture unexplainable sounds in the abandoned Edinburgh Manor.

Edinburgh Manor is an extremely spooky place. Located way out in the backwoods of rural Iowa, the abandoned mental asylum once housed hundreds of insane patients and at one point even functioned as a poor farm. There is a lot of bad juju left in the building, and the basement is even supposedly frequented by a malevolent shadow entity known as "The Joker".

When Payton, my mother Mary and I visited the Manor in July of 2018, we had our hopes high and were expecting some crazy paranormal activity. We were NOT disappointed.

Before we could even get our equipment out of our cases, we had to get the camera out and start rolling because of the activity that we were witnessing in the hallways. You can tell in this footage that we are extremely alarmed, because it literally sounded like there were people walking around in the hallways, banging on the walls. The sounds were so loud and clear that we literally thought people were in the building messing with us.

If you want to see this moment as it played out in realtime, watch the raw clip that I have linked below in its entirety. Trust me, you don't wanna miss a second of this encounter.

#3. A phantom energy leads us to the grave of someone who died on Colin's birthday.

In this random video, featuring YouTube star OGNick, Payton, our friend Kevin, OGNick and I headed out to a random cemetery in Minnesota to conduct an experiment with some dowsing rods. Along the way, we captured some incredibly compelling paranormal evidence.

Aside from the fact that the dowsing rods were moving and responding to our questions like crazy, we captured some eerie voices on our SB-7 spirit box. It should be noted that we were way out in the middle of nowhere in the countryside and were receiving barely and interference on the box from local radio channels.

However, the strangest moment of this investigation came while we were interacting with the energy that appeared to be attached to the graveyard. The dowsing rods actually led us to a grave that sat at the edge of the cemetery, and once we approached the monument, we read it and saw that the person had died on my birthday, December 22nd.

However, something even more compelling was pointed out by someone online when they watched the video after we had posted it. Not only did the person die on my birthday, they were born on the day that we recorded the video, August 3rd. It's the little synchronicities like this that we sometimes capture that to me prove the validity of our research.

(To see this moment where we discovered these strange dates, skip to 11:20 in the video below).

#4. I am scratched by something at the Yorktown Memorial Hospital.

If there is a "classic" episode of The Paranormal Files (besides our first totally retro throwback to high school episode), it would be our first investigation of the Yorktown Memorial Hospital in Yorktown, Texas. In just this one episode we captured multiple crystal clear spirit voices, some bizarre light anomalies and even the door in the chapel opening and shutting on command.

However, the scariest moment while filming came when I asked my friend Maxson, who was operating the cameras that night, to itch my back as I was feeling an odd tingling sensation. As he lifted my shirt, he discovered a massive bloody scratch which spanned almost my entire back, which led to one of the most intense moments in our show's history as I nearly entered a state of shock after seeing what had appeared on my back.

I know for a FACT that I didn't scratch my back on anything in the hospital. I'm a hardcore germaphobe, and freak out if I even so much as prick my finger on something remotely rusty. To think that I would scratch my back on something on the hospital so deeply and not even notice is absurd to me. Time and time again, I have attempted to play out how the events of the night transpired and think of any logical explanation, but at this point, over a year later, I still don't have one.

(To watch this terrifying moment unfold, skip to 18:40 in the video linked below and watch from there)

5. A phantom voice calls out to us in an abandoned nursing home.

I LOVE abandoned buildings. There is something so fascinating to me about being able to walk around in buildings that people used to inhabit that were left to rot. Time and time again, I find myself thirsting for more urban exploring. It's definitely an addiction.

When I set out with my friend Keeper of the Second to explore an abandoned nursing home in Georgetown, Texas, we expected to find plenty of left over beds, graffiti and outdated medical supplies, but was not expecting to capture one of our clearest spirit voices to date.

We had spent over an hour and a half in this abandoned nursing home, and hadn't heard or felt a thing besides a strange negative choking energy in the back of the nursing home and a few knocks on the walls. However, just as we were preparing to leave the building, we captured what sounds like a woman calling out "Yoo Hoo" to us from down one of the hallways.

There was nobody inside of the building. I can confidently claim this as a fact. Keeper and I checked every single room in that building and didn't see a single soul. The voice that we captured is clearly human, and still chills me to this day when I hear it played back. I know that in the video itself I claimed that I was scared because it might have been a tweaker, but at the end of the day, after more consideration, I believe it was something otherworldly.

(if you want to hear the voice, skip to 16:11 in the video below)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading this article and for taking the plunge into The Paranormal Files (Official Channel) with me. There are so many videos on our channel for you to check out filled with so much good evidence, it's really hard to pick out just a few instances for one article. There will be more just like this one in the near future.


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