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My First Paranormal Experience

Being a paranormal investigator that posts two videos a week about my experiences that has been interviewed on many different platforms, I've shared stories about my paranormal experiences many times. You may even already think you know which experience I'm about to detail to you guys. But this one is different.

An old picture from the vacation I'm talking about in this post. What a great photo, lmao.

I can't really pinpoint my exact "first paranormal experience". It's really hard for me as I was raised in a home where spirits were real, and it wasn't a subjective thing.

As a kid, I used to sleepwalk all the time. I would end up in different parts of my house, or in front of my parent's bed, and I've read theories on sleepwalking being related to paranormal activity. I don't know if the two truly are related, but it's interesting to think about when you consider the fact that I was born with the gift of being an empath, or intuitive, as some may call it. I can connect with spirit energies, and communicate with them very well (just like Payton can, she in fact has a greater gift than I do and it's absolutely amazing to see what she feels and sees sometimes that even I don't).

One of the earliest things that I can remember happening would occur in my bathroom, in my old house. I would wake up in the middle of the night, and hear the bathroom sinks running, head into the bathroom and find them on all the way, pouring water out of the faucet. To clarify, it was not a leaky faucet, the handle would actually be turned "on" and water would be pouring out. This used to freak me out, but at the time I wasn't old enough to put two and two together and investigate.

The first real "paranormal experience" that I can remember having took place in Massachusetts, when I was on family vacation and around 9-10 years old. Always loving

Photo I took in the cemetery on the island.

cameras, I had taken my moms camera and was taking photos of the buildings that we were passing by on the ghost tour that we were on. There was one house in particular, that I absolutely couldn't stand to look at. I couldn't even stand close to it. I remember the tour guide telling us that someone had hung themselves out on the porch that we were staring at, and I absolutely begged my parents to leave. We actually ended up leaving that night, but it was the ghost tour that we went on only a few days later on Martha's Vineyard Island that really gave me the chills.

On this specific ghost tour, our tour guide first took us to a cemetery on the island that was supposedly filled with paranormal activity. "Get out your cameras and snap some photos", he said, "People capture orbs on camera here all the time".

Being a young kid, I grabbed my mom's camera and started snapping photos. I was

totally convinced at the time that I had just captured some crazy orb action on camera, but looking back at it, it was probably just dust and bugs. But, you never know.

A photo that I took that I used to believe contains an "orb".

The next part of this story still amazes me to this day. On our ghost tour, our tour guide brought us inside of a historic church in one of the small towns on Martha's Vineyard that is rumored to be haunted. Once again, he told the group to get our cameras out and begin snapping photos, as people have time and time again captured spirit orbs on

The haunted church that I took the photos in.

camera inside of the church. The photo that I captured inside of the church, still haunts me to this day.

I'm going to include two photographs in this post. The first one is the photo that I snapped in the church that I still believe to contain some sort of spectral phenomena, and the next is the photo that I snapped only moments afterwards which contains no anomalies of the sort.

The photo that I took in the church, which I believe shows a light anomaly.

The second photo, that I took only a second later, which contains no light anomaly.

It's absolutely crazy that I captured what I did in that church. In the photo that I took, you can clearly see what seems to be some sort of swirly anomaly, sitting in the open air in the center of the church. What this could be, I have no idea, but it is definitely out of place. Could this have been a portal inside of the church? A dead member of the congregation, still sticking around after their death? Could it have been the spirit of "God" itself? I have no idea, but the photo still baffles me, especially considering the fact that the photo taken only a single second after the first contains no light anomaly at all. Absolutely nothing.

What could this have been? I still have no idea, but to this day I count taking that picture as my first "real" concrete paranormal experience. I was so young at the time, and it was

My sister, Tessa and I, on vacation on Martha's Vineyard.

so real, little did I know that years later I would be devoting all of my time trying to find answers to such large questions as a full time job. Crazy how your life can come full circle like that.

Do YOU guys have any crazy pictures of spirits to show? Leave a comment below with either the picture embedded, a link to the photo or a description of the photo that you have taken and I'll be sure to check it out.

Until next time, stay spooky.







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