COLIN BROWEN began his journey into documenting paranormal activity when his high school newspaper contacted him about conducting a paranormal investigation in the school. After they captured crazy paranormal activity in the basement of the school, Colin edited a documentary on his own which would become the first episode of "THE PARANORMAL FILES", and premiered it in the haunted auditorium of his high school. From that point on, it was full steam ahead into the paranormal world, and his life was never the same.

After hosting, a season of an online program for Verizon Wireless titled "Teen Spirit", Colin met PAYTON MCWHORTER in the Spring of 2017. From the moment that their paths crossed, the two knew that it was true love, and it was Payton's dedication and inspiration that convinced Colin that they really could make it on YouTube without the big studios and budgets behind them. Soon after they began dating, the two began to embark on crazy urban explorations and paranormal investigations, filming all across the United States, and began to upload two videos a week onto their channel, "The Paranormal Files (Official Channel)". 

Creating videos with a mixture of paranormal activity, ghost stories and personal vlogs, Colin and Payton are changing the paranormal world, one video at a time. STAY SPOOKY!


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